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Monday, August 8, 2011
Are you interested in becoming a Vendor for the next White Place Flea Market?

What does it take? Who can do it? And When will it be?  Here are some questions and answers that we keep getting... and if you have any others be sure and send them our way, we would love to have you!!

1. Do I have to have a Store or Company to be a Vendor?

No way!! Most flea market vendors are just regular people who have a passion for finding and creating things to sale. You just have to get a stock pile of inventory together so you have enough to sale the day of the show!! We ask you to have a "name" for your self, but nothing specific! We want people who are creative and unique and if you feel you just want to try it out let us know!
But of course if you do have a store or company we would love to have you as well!! Just contact us with your information!
2. Can I share a booth with a few friends?

Yes! It's a lot more fun when you have people to share in the excitement with! Each space will have a rental price (price listed on vendor application) so its up to you and your friends how you break up that cost, other than that come up with a name, get your gear together, and come sell some stuff with us!

3. Is there rules on what we can sell?

Yes. Because we are working with Hemming Village we do have rules and regulations. We want our Flea Market to be a great place to find vintage items so we are sticking to that idea. We will not be able to sell anything that competes with the stores in Hemming village- for example, no food items. We are so grateful for the use of the space that we respect their requests on this subject. That leaves us with what we are most excited about, furniture and home decor. We love things made by hand, old, antiqued, one-of-a-kind, refurbished, and vintage... if it fits that mold, bring it on! Do you have something that you want to sell that might work? Don't be afraid to ask, send me an email and Ill let you know, who knows? Maybe we can get work something out with what you have!

5. Do I pay White Place a percentage of what I make after the sale?

No. At this time we will not ask for anything but rental on the space. We really want to build up our vendors and make it as fun as possible! So anything you make from the show is yours to keep! We just hope you come back again and again!!

6. When is the next Flea Market and how often do you plan on having them?
We plan on two shows a year. One in the Early Summer, and one in late Fall. We will let you know as soon as decisions are final. As of now that gives us plenty of time to build up the best inventory possible, and we want it to be a event people look forward to each year!

7. How big of a space do vendors get and who supplies the tents for the Summer Show?

We will supply the tents and make sure everything is ready when you arrive to set up your space. However, you are in charge of any tables, chairs, and displays of your booth. Just let us know what you want and we will work with you. This year and in the past we have held our show indoors so tents are not necessary, it all depends on where we hold the show.

8. Where will the Christmas show be held?

Well, because Idaho has awesome weather (insert sarcasm here!) we will be having the Christmas Show inside! We are in the process of making final plans on the location, so as of now we are just planning on that. As soon as more details are made we will let you know.

9. Do items we sell need to be "Christmas-y only" for the Christmas show?

Not necessarily. We want decorations to be centered around Christmas, but not all items need to be that way. We would love to have a variety of gifts for sale for customers and the expected furniture and home decor items, but it doesn't all need to be red & green!! Mainly we want the booths to be decorated with the Christmas theme and some fun ideas for trees and home!!

{I hope this helps answer any questions you might have about becoming a vendor and please don't hesitate to ask more! We will have a contract for people who sign up to be a vendor and will require a deposit on the space. But most importantly we just want to make it a fun day and accommodate your needs! We have had lots of great feedback from our first show and hope to bring in lots more people to the next! Until then, keep checking back for info and items for sale from the White Place!}

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