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Thursday, March 1, 2012
We get asked a lot if we do custom orders.

We do it all the time!
We do have a waiting list, so if your interested we need 3 things!
1. A Email with your Contact Info  (whiteplacefleamarket@gmail.com)
2. Description or Idea of what you are wanting.
3. Picture of your piece.

Then we will get back to you with a estimated price and wait time!

If you don't have an idea or really know thats ok to! We can help with that! We love to do custom orders because it gives us a chance to dig into a piece without any worry!

Although some of these don't have "before" shots, here are a few custom orders we have done for people!

And Still one of my favorites,
Before & After...

 So there you go.
Have something you think you want made-over!
Let us know.

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