WPFM Summer Show 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
We Survived!
Another White Place Flea Market has come and gone! And this show did not disappoint! 
We were pretty anxious to open the doors and when we did at 9am this is the lovely sight we saw...
We were thrilled to have a line stretched to the road and wrapped around the corner... I was so happy I about cried! It made all the hard work and sleepless nights worth it to see so many people come.
Anyway, it was great. 

So here it is...The Big Day!
We will let the pictures do all the talking...
(Our Booth!)

 My great kids... they were such troopers through the whole thing. I think they were just as relieved as I was to get it over with!!


I had to throw in an extra of my cute friend Tiffany!

 Oh!  Everyone say hello to our newest friend Mr. Rodney. 
He was a lifesaver! He runs the Madison Co. Arena at the fairgrounds and he did so much to help the show run smoothly. He also kept spirits high with his lame jokes... I actually thought they were really funny! And... that beard. It got a lot of conversations going!! He is really a great guy... plus he drove a hundred kids around on his little horse buggy, he deserved a medal for that!

 The Coloring contest was a HUGE hit! (Thanks to LeeAnn, Sarah, and Marilyn for helping us with that!) We will be announcing our winners in a couple days! 

I can't leave without saying how much I love my husband and dad for helping so much. 
They really do support us in this 100%. 
(We also really appreciated CJ and Clint's help as well.)

Towards the end Randall sat down for a second and passed out...
 poor guy! He got a hand full of popcorn thrown in his mouth for sleeping with it wide open!! It was pretty funny... although he didn't think so!

Anyway, it was so fun, and so nice to have it all done just in time to celebrate the 4th! 

 For those of you who couldn't make it, We did not sell everything!! I will be posting a few things here and there for sale that we have remaining! 
And as usual we are still doing custom orders. Our waiting list is starting to fill up so if you are interested in getting a price to have something done send us an email! 


Heather said...

SO bummed I couldn't make it! It looks like it was a fabulous success!! I'm looking forward to your next show! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok I should have looked around before the show started! I was so busy I looked as everything was headed out the door! :( Had a great day though! Thanks!!

Tiffany said...

So fun! Thanks for letting me be a vendor!

Tiffany said...

This was a fun show! Looking forward to next year.

Flea Market USA said...

Congratulation for this successful show. The collection of products is fabulous and all the images looking fantastic. I impressed with your lovely work as well as with your blog. Thanks for the brilliant share.

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