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Monday, July 30, 2012
We decided that we would take July to enjoy the sun and be with our families. 
Now we are shocked July is over!

So back to work we will go!

But anyway, back to the Show in June... we had a little Coloring Contest for the kidlets, it was pretty awesome. It was fun to see the kids get all excited and serious about winning a ToyLand Giftcard... this was serious business! We decided since the competition was really tight we would have 3 winners, one for each age group. 

So here are our winners!
(0-4 yrs) Olivia
(5-7 yrs) Kooper
(8-10 yrs) Summer

Kids these days are so talented... 

We will be getting in contact with the mothers within the next few weeks! (If you are a mother to a winner send us a email with your address so we can send the kids their prize!)

We defiantly will keep this a tradition for future shows! I however have to say Im pretty impressed with my own little mans rendering...

 Especailly since he decided to write his name backwards! Not sure how that happened!

 We especially have to thank my Aunts and Cousin Sarah for all their help with this, we couldn't have done it without them! (We hope they are up for doing it again!)
Here is a picture of the wall of pictures when the show was almost over... and my hot husband snoozing with his mouth wide open!

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