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Monday, September 30, 2013
Since we are in the middle of BIG CHANGES... more on that soon!... I wanted to stop in and show you how we not only make OLD things NEW, but NEW things look OLD!

For example: 
A client brought these 4 brand spankin new barstools (they were still in the box!) to me this week! She wanted them to look OLD! So, a little paint, sanding, and poly to seal it all up, they look Good as New! (But in a New made Old kind of way!)

Not to shabby for 4- $20 Barstools from Target!
(Click above to go to Target Link)

I love doing custom work. I get really excited to see the finished product and most of the time I HATE giving my clients back their furniture! (I want to keep everything!)

Let us know if you have something that you would like to make New- or Old!! We currently have a wait list until January, but nows the time to get on that list!! ;)

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