Bedroom Set Make-over

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
I've been busy working on this beautiful set for the past month. (Yes, it took me that long!! Between trying to heat up my garage and waiting for paint to dry it took longer than expected!) 
It came with a few challenges- like most quality pieces do- but was worth the sweat put into it!
I'm pretty excited about how it all came out… 

Here is what it all looked like originally… (I jumped into it before I got a good picture!!) 
Originally I sprayed the hardware gold, but didn't like the contrast with the white, so I ended up spraying them again with the same Antique White

This set took several coats: Sanding deglosser, bonding primer, 2-3 coats of paint, then I finished with a light polyurethane coating. 
And here it is in all it's glory...

 I added a little matching contact paper in the drawers for a added little surprise!

I used True Value EasyCare, "Heritage Home" for the end table.

It's always a little nerve-raking when I paint such beautiful pieces to begin with, but this set was worth the stress. The details and good quality wood made for a beautiful outcome! 

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