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Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Every once in a while if you check our local Craigslist page you can find some good treasures- but it doesn't happen very often! Most of the time the price is to high or the item is no longer available. Lucky for me that didn't happen this time!!

I just happened to look at my Craigslist app at the right moment and snatched these beauties right up!
 I was so excited when I picked these up- they were not so pretty to begin with, but the bones were good! I was pretty lucky with this find, not only was the wood in great shape, but the padding was in amazing condition, no stains or tears, and best of all no smells! (Gross right?!) I took them apart as soon as I got home! Sadly it was a Sunday evening when I picked them up so the rest would have to wait. 
The Chair on the left is what they both looked like- the one on the right is what they looked like after I tore all the fabric and padding off! 

And Here is what they look like NOW!! 
Isn't it amazing what a little time, work, and paint can do?!!

 For now these ARE NOT FOR SALE! I plan on using them in my own home! But I am currently booking custom furniture jobs in May! Contact me if you'd like some more information! 

I also had to share these great end tables that I finished for a client a few weeks ago- she also found these on Craigslist for very cheap, a great find for solid wood matching end tables!

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