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Monday, June 25, 2012

Are you racking your brain for ideas of what you might want to buy at the WPFM on Saturday?
Here are a few ideas of things we have...

We have Lots! 
And lots of different styles. 
So get your plans ready and hurry to pick out the perfect one for your space!

Who doesn't love old windows? 
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I have several in my own home. 
They make sure great frames, or displays... really anything. 

Old Books:

These are so great to add as fillers to any room. 
We really like the old worn ones best!

These are always the customers favorites! 
They go fast!!

Pyrex Dishes:
The latest fad in Vintage Kitchen decor.
(I think we can all remember someone who had these once upon a time...my grandma had a sweet dark brown set with white flowers, if I ever find those Ill be one happy girl!)

Vintage Birdcages:
Yes! We have some of these!
We even have 2 (Purple and Hot Pink) one's that are amazing!
Anybody wanting to makeover a little girls room? 

And so much more...
We have so much.

Please come dig for your favorite treasure and help us with our Hoarding issues!!
We realize it's a problem!

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