Thursday, October 11, 2012
I know.
This isn't very nice.
But, since we haven't been posting pictures of our work we decided to show you a little something.

Why don't we post more pictures? 
Well, you see, every time we post a picture of something we have for the show someone wants to buy it! Which is great!! But, we need inventory! So, we are keeping most of our wonderful things under wrap until Oct. 26th-27th.  After the show, whatever is left, we will put up for sale here... at our lovely blog!

So, here you go.
Just a little Teaser of what we have in store...

Isn't she beautiful? Well, she had some serious work done!
And the shutters aren't so bad either...if I do say so myself. 

Oh Dear! We do love our White Shabby Finds!

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