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Friday, October 19, 2012
This was trash from a friend of mine. ( I KNOW! TRASH?!!) I quickly took it off her hands and brought it home! It started as a twin headboard and matching footboard. At first I thought I would just paint it and sell it as a bed. Then after looking at it I was loving the details and convinced my husband to help me convert it into a bench... 

It was in great shape besides the bird poop we had to scrub off! Other than that we just had to make a lot of cuts and measurements, then add some extra support. 

Here is the Before:

and AFTER!!

For now this is staying in my entryway! 
 just can't part with it!
 I do have plans for a cushion and some fun holiday pillows, but for now its just great.
But, we do have some great benches for sale at the WPFM booth coming up in a few days!

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