WPFM this Weekend!

Friday, October 26, 2012
Today we are off to Rupert Idaho to set up for our next little show! We are vendors at the Mini Cassia Fair, and we are excited to try something a little different.

This is a totally new experience for us. We are used to making all the arrangements, advertising, organizing vendors, and doing the behind the scene work of a show... plus our own both and inventory.  So we are used to being COMPLETELY overwhelmed and COMPLETELY stressed out!!

But, this time it's not that way at all! All we've had to do is focus on our inventory and set up! It's been so nice to have fun and we have really enjoyed this process... not saying we don't enjoy putting on our own show... but it's nice to have not so much to worry about!

Anyway, the trailer is FILLED TO THE BRIM and we have made all the arraignments. Now we just need to get started setting up, tagging items, and we are ready to sell!! Hope we can fit it all into our little space... Im thinking we will be bringing things out after things sell, we always have SO MUCH.

Here is some little peeks into a few of the items we have for this years market... don't worry, once the show is over Ill be back with LOADS of pictures! And whatever we don't sell, we will be posting right here for you to purchase!

 Hope you can make the trip and come see us... it's only a couple of hours!!
 (And you deserve a weekend getaway anyway! ;)  

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