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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Anyone read Flea Market Decor Magazine? 
You should!! 
It's out on stands now!!
 I went to our local grocery store first thing in the morning and snatched up a copy! Turn to Page 122... 

There is also some other beautiful Eye-Candy in this magazine, for example, I have a table and 8-Chair set that looks exactly like this one just waiting to be finished...  I love the little seat skirts!
And this slipper advent? 
I die!
 It's all really exciting for us. Although this is just a small thing to most people its a BIG DREAM of ours! We are pretty proud of how far we have come in only a couple of years! This is defiantly our dream job and no doubt there has been A LOT of sweat and tears, but when something like this happens it makes the hard days seem worth it. We really do love what we do. 

In other News.... 
We are busting our tails to get things in order for our next Show coming up in a few short weeks!! 
Here is a little peek at the AMAZING CHAIR Karen just whipped up!! 
This and a lot more will be ready to go on NOV. 22nd! 

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