a clock make-over!

Thursday, November 7, 2013
Isn't she beautiful! Here is how it all happened!
A great friend of ours brought this clock over...

It defiantly had great potential with all of it's curves and detail. The sponge paint, forest green color, and lovely flower stencils have seen better days! I got really excited to dig in as soon as I saw it. I took out the glass, took off the doors and hinges, and then gave it a good wipe down.
First I sprayed it with a thick coat of Bonding Primer (This is key! Bonding primer is any furniture refinishers best friend! I helps keep those ugly oil stains and smells from seeping through the paint!) I prefer Lowe's Valspar Bonding Primer... Shown Here.

Then after a good 24 hours of dry time I got out my sprayer and sprayed all the trim details in a nice glossy coat of pure white. (I also used Valspar Signature/Gloss.) I've used a lot of different kinds and brands of paint, for me, the Signature Line at Lowes and the EasyCare line at Ace Hardware are by far my favorite.

Then I hand painted and rolled all the Mustard (Grove in EasyCare/Gloss). After two good coats I had to go back with a very fine tip brush and do the edges. That took quite a while and a lot of patience. This color is my go to color for a mustardy- yellow, and since it is very popular right now Ive been going through it like crazy!

I also found these perfect little knobs at Target! I couldn't wait to get them home and on this beauty!

The original clock was broken, so after I pulled out all the guts I left the hole for a new one to be installed later.

I love how the paint makes the trim look so much beefier...yes, beefier!! (Is that just a Idaho phrase?!) It means bigger, bulkier, more substantial!! ;)

And here she is in all her lovely glory! I think she loves her new make-over!

 When we dropped her off in her new spot at her home she fit in perfectly! Now she is the Belle of the Ball instead of the ugly stepsister!

Do you have something you want redone?! Or questions on redoing furniture? 
 Let us know! We would love to hear from you!

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