Adding Details

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
When this cabinet was brought to me it was a simple box. 
I did take a "before" picture but cannot find it! So- imagine this cabinet with a solid door- and nothing else! Just a bright yellow dingy cabinet.   

I cut out the middle of the door to accommodate it for a VCR and cable box. Then I added some chicken wire to the back of the door. After that I used scrap pieces of trim that I had from other projects, both to the base and the top of the cabinet. Then the last thing I added with the curved cut out plywood pieces, this really added the most dramatic change, and made this little box feel so much more sophisticated! 

 Now for the magic! 
Once it is all painted the same color it looks like it was "born this way!" I simply painted it my favorite grey paint, added a little glazing, and put on a new iron handle.  You would never know this came from a old garage! It's amazing what some added details will to do a somewhat  simple piece of furniture! 

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