A Upholstered Chair

Monday, November 3, 2014
My mother is the expert when it comes to upholstery, she usually is the one that does all of them. But it has been a goal of mine to learn it, and there is no better time than the present. 

My friend brought this chair over, a family member gave it to her for free! It already had great bones but was about 30-40 years old. It needed a little TLC.  

The hardest part about upholstery for me is the beginning... the tear apart. 
You have to be careful to keep all your pieces in pretty good shape so you can use them as patterns. Sometimes that is difficult- especially when the fabric is so worn and old. 
But after a few hours, blisters, and a little blood I was able to get it down to the bones. 

The insides were in fantastic shape.  The client brought a big roll of material to be used to recover it and I was able to piece it together with only a few do- overs! 

 I learned a lot with this one! But it turned out to be a show stopper!
1. Stripes are hard! 
2. Cording, tack strips, and trim are your best friend.
3. Wear gloves.
4. If at first you don't succeed! Try Try again!

The chair has a cushion and she was able to recover that, so these pictures are shown without it, hence the bumpy base! 

 With the holidays coming up fast, let me know if you have something you would like done before then!

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