Industrial Dresser: Before & After

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
You might not be surprised to hear that this big 'ol beauty was headed to the garbage. 

I'm pretty sure it had lived a full life! A stranger on Facebook messaged me and asked if I wanted it- it happens all the time! Of course I said yes! 
When we brought it home I never second guessed its potential-  although my husband thought I was crazy! The top and sides were completely worn and had major holes and wear in them,  as well as the drawer fronts looked a awful sight, and all those missing knobs! It's hard to tell from this picture, but there was only a few drawer fronts that the glass was still intact- 4 out of 6!  But besides all that is was solid wood construction and I liked the shape! 

First thing I did was take out the glass from the drawer fronts and then picked up new knobs from Home Depot. Then we cut new sides from bead board and cut a new top from a nice piece of hardwood. Then he sat in my garage for several weeks waiting to be done!

I was able to convince my friend that she wanted this ugly thing- because I knew once it was done it would be perfect in her sons room! And She trusted me! All she had to go off was the picture above... and some serious convincing!

First I gave the drawer fronts 2 good sanding sessions, and 2 good coats of paint (with sanding in-between), I then had my husband cut pieces of Diamond plate to fill the holes in the fronts. I knew I really wanted it to have a industrial look. 

After the second coat of paint the drawers looked a million times better! 
Then we stated piecing it all together. We added the sides, trim on the base to make it sturdy and add wheels, then trim on the top, and of course the actually top piece. The whole frame is basically new, we secured a lot of the inside frame work and made sure all the drawers were in good sliding condition. It might not seem like a lot- but it was! It took us a few weeks to get it into shape!
After filling in all the nail holes and waiting for glue to dry I gave it all another good sanding .
 My favorite part about the whole thing is the wheels! It makes it much easier to move around but also makes it looks so good! 
I did have to give it all another good coat of Premier Decor Enamel Black Paint from Scotty's here in Rigby, it is a water base enamel and dries much harder than water base acrylic paint. I love it for anything that will get heavy use, it is super easy to clean and leaves a great sheen, and it sprays like a dream! (It's like a oil base paint without the mess of oil.) 

For the top finish I stained it a light grey, then went over it with a walnut stain and quickly wiped it off. It left a great worn look. After a good coat of poly and dry time I was finished. 

 I couldn't wait to get it over to its new home! Im pretty sure any boy or man would want this in their home! (My husband asked several times if we could just keep it for storage in our garage! I kept telling him it's to nice for the garage!) 

Moral of the story: Feel free to send me your furniture garbage! 

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