A Chair and Some Before & Afters

Friday, January 30, 2015

Isn't it fantastic?!!
Upholstery is something that has always intimidated me! I left those projects to my mother!
Once I read up on it- and had some major fails!! A very painful tetanus shot and I learned the hard way to always wear rubber gloves! Besides that I am starting to love upholstery!
I will admit that I am still learning and sometimes I want to throw the piece across the room! But for the most part I actually like doing it. It is a great way to relieve stress!
And the AFTER's are always so satisfying! 
For this chair we started here... 

 She might not look to bad... but she SMELLED awful!! I think she might have been a cat bed/ GROSS! I'm not a cat person.  So the first thing I did was rip all the fabric off and burned threw it out. (Then took a couple showers.) I didn't even keep the foam or backing as a template. I couldn't. 
I did keep the base piece of wood, but that was it. 

Then I sanded and sprayed all the wood a nice matte black. It made all the difference. I'm really starting to love black again! 
 The poor thing sat in my garage for months. Between life and everything else she was constantly put on the back burner. Then one day I woke up in the mood to finish it! I couldn't wait! 

I cut the foam and batting and got her all stapled up nice and tight. Then attached the back. 
 Then I was stuck. 
Buttons are hard! And they are a killer on your fingers if you try and do them yourself! I had some button molds on hand and tried over and over to make them work, but for whatever reason- the material was to thick or something- they wouldn't take. My fingers had blisters and my hands looked like they had gone through a shredder!! I was a little frustrated so I put the thing to the side and had to wait a few days to get back to her! 

Then one day I drove past a store in Idaho Falls called "The Upholster Center"- I went in and asked how much to do buttons, .80 cents, What?!!! Why was I killing myself!! So they made me a bunch and I was on my way! Ive also been back a few times since and these guys are amazing to work with! 

The back cushion took much trial and error, but when I finished she looked amazing! 
I couldn't wait to get the cording on and her all finished up! 
I had a hard time letting her go! Even my husband was impressed!

I couldn't be happier with how she came together! And I couldn't wait for her new owner to come get her! I was like a proud parent! 
 I'm still on the hunt to find her twin sister to keep for myself! 

 Anyway, if you dont follow me on INSTAGRAM you should! I post most of my updates there along with lots of Before & After pictures! You can also search #wpfm to view past projects!
(Instagram: ranandanntaylor)
as well as on Facebook: whiteplacefleamarket
Like this oak desk I did for a teenage boy who's only request was... Blue. 
 And these end tables that almost ended up at the DI! Good thing one Granddaughter knew they would look fantastic painted! 

 And of course, what is a lovely lady like this to do besides be painted a nice fresh coat of Ivory and gifted some shiny new jewels? I think she looks 20 years younger. 

This time of year I am taking new orders as well as wrapping up a bunch of ones! 
Let me know if you would like a estimate on a project!
And- We can pick up and deliver when needed! 

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