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Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Pianos are beginning to be my favorite thing to refinish. 
They are complicated and take a lot of time, but they are so worth the effort in the end. 

This Piano has been waiting to be refinished for months, maybe longer! When I decided to sell it it went fast! It was bittersweet to let it go, but Im so glad how it all turned out, I'm not even sad about it! 

She started out like this... 
Just your basic piano. 
I loved the lines and simplicity of it. 
I knew it had great potential. 

When refinishing a piano PREP IS KEY! 
You can't use a electric sander, you cannot add nails, you cannot tape enough!! All of these things can damage the sound board if done wrong. It took me a few days to get it all ready for paint. I used a deglosser and liquid sander, as well as just elbow grease to sand down some rough spots. Then I sprayed it with my go to Antique White, Satin, Sherwin Williams Duration Paint. 
It took two good coats. 
Then I used a Dark Walnut Gel Stain to cover the top and bench. Gel stain is thick and gives a nice rich coat, it also dries faster and soaks in really well. Its amazing. 
Inside the keys I taped off really well to leave the original finish, I didn't want to lose the Logo or original detailing. I simply freshened it up with some liquid gold. 

After it was done I wiped the edges down with a dark glaze and quickly wiped it off, giving it a little bit of depth. 

 She is a stunner! 
We delivered it and it looks perfect in it's new home! 

Anybody have a piano they want done?!

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